Joint National Plan for Inclusive Pharmacy Practice

Since publication of the Joint National Plan for Inclusive Pharmacy Practice, on 10 March 2021, pharmacy professionals have been working to implement Theme 1 on Leadership and Representation. 

In this webinar, speakers share their progress, challenges and learning about increasing diversity and representation in the leadership of the pharmacy professions, and more broadly within the NHS leadership; how this impacts on the quality of patient care; and how we can all work together to remove barriers and make a meaningful difference.

Senior leaders from the RPS, the Association of Pharmacy Technicians UK and NHS England and NHS Improvement discussed how to help make a meaningful difference and the drivers to make things better across different settings. 

Chaired by: 
- Dr Bola Owolabi, National Director for Health Inequalities, NHSE&I

- Paul Bennett, Chief Executive, RPS
- Richard Cattell, Deputy Chief Pharmaceutical Officer, NHSE&I
- Liz Fidler, President, APTUK
- Natasha Callender, Chief Pharmaceutical Officer's Fellow, NHSE&I