Our year-long programme of support for Foundation Trainees

Tailored to every stage of your Foundation training, our year-long programme of interactive webinars, live Q&As, podcasts and exclusive content will make sure you excel as a trainee pharmacist and feel confident and ready to pass your assessment with flying colours.

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Here's a quick overview of what we'll be covering each month - please note, live webinar events begin early in October, so it's vital to join in good time, so you can book on to take part.*



Interactive Webinar Session 1: Wednesday 5 October, 7pm - In our first live webinar, we'll cover key milestones for the foundation training year, and you'll get expert insights from experienced supervisors and training leads. You'll have the chance to ask questions about your training year and we'll discuss the ways RPS will support you. 

Trainee Podcast 1: What to expect during your training year LISTEN NOW

Trainee Podcast 2: Getting to grips with Learning Outcomes LISTEN NOW


Interactive Webinar Session 2: Wednesday 02 November 7pm. In our second webinar we'll cover how to use your copy of Medicines, Ethics and Practice (The MEP) both in practice and for the registration assessment. We'll learn about common pharmacy law and ethics scenarios, discuss how to use the MEP to resolve issues and find answers to questions. We'll work through practice examples with the support of our speakers, and help you gain confidence in approaching law and ethics situations in practice.


Trainee Podcast 3: Preparing for Progress Reviews LISTEN NOW


Expert help with staying strong and well during your training year; plus How to find a mentor to support you through your training, and then looking at Your Assessment: Multiple Choice


Interactive Webinar Session 3: Wednesday 18 January 2023, 7pm. You've got your free copy of the BNF, so how do you make the most of it? We'll also be taking a look at clinical conditions, and we'll look ahead to the Calculations paper of the GPhC assessment in our latest trainee podcast.



Interactive Webinar Session 4: (Date TBC). Focus on your wellbeing: managing priorities, work, and revision. Delivered by experienced designated supervisor/ education leads for foundation training, you’ll gain tips from experienced pharmacists on how you can manage your wellbeing throughout the year; as well as overcoming challenges you may face around working and revising.


We'll also help you make the most of your 30 days free access to our ONtrack revision site, to help guide your revision and identify gaps in your learning.


How to succeed in your Final Progress Review, and preparing your revision plan for the upcoming assessment.


Your assessment is coming! This is when our exclusive Foundation Trainee Revision Course, Mock Exam, and Feedback sessions will take place. You'll be able to book your place onto the course and the exam in late 2022.**



How best to prepare for your assessment day, and using all of your RPS membership resources to revise


Looking at your career options after you join the register, as well as what to do while you wait for results and tips to cope with an unsuccessful result


We'll look at working as a locum and in different pharmacy sectors, and advise you on getting the job you want, as well as finding a mentor to guide you through your early career.


* Topics and dates are provisional and subject to change

** Please note, the Revision Course, Mock Exam and Feedback Sessions are not included with the Membership Programme fee and are subject to an additional booking charge.