RPS Ambassador Abi Meikle-Roche

Abi Meikle-Roche

Hi, I am Abi and I have been one of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society Ambassadors since 2018. 

Having started out as a community pharmacy pre-registration student I soon made the jump to hospital pharmacy at a tertiary paediatric hospital. I did spend a short period of time as a mental health pharmacist but paediatrics had stolen my heart and it wasn't long until I returned. It was here that I was appointed as Medication Safety Officer which increased my passion and belief that we as pharmacists are in a prime position to be the medicines safety champions in the NHS and wider healthcare systems - a goal that is shared by the RPS. 

I have long believed that pharmacists are better when we come together to support one another irrespective of what sector you originally set out in your career or where you may be presently. By having one common voice expressed nationally, it is then that we can make effective change to highlight to the public and wider colleagues the integral role pharmacy plays and the future possibilities that are yet to be explored which is why I stepped forward to help others express their voice as an Ambassador. 

I am proud to be a pharmacist and still get excited with pharmacology and therapeutics. I am prouder to be able to represent our national body nationally as an Ambassador and locally as Chair of RPS In Mersey, Cheshire & Isle of Man to make sure we are all represented because #wearepharmacy.

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