RPS Ambassador Paolo Cavallo


Born in Salerno, Italy, qualified as Pharmacist in 2005. Cosmetic Science and Technology Expert since 2007.

Through his degree course, Paolo has been able to develop his interest in pharmaceutical chemistry, whilst improving his laboratory skills along with his managerial skills. He has gained some experience in a lot of technologies and has excellent computing skills, having used several scientific databases too. While at University, he has also been able to use his skills working with people through a variety of event organisation.

Through his postgraduate Master of Science course, Paolo has gained deep expertise in cosmetic science and technology, as well as very good preparation skills, which led to the design and development of several innovative formulations.

Paolo often gets inspiration by linking his innovative research with his roots in the history and traditions of the Ancient Medical School of Salerno.

During his academic career he also published several papers in international scientific journals and presented many works at international scientific conferences.

He has performed several important managerial roles for some companies active in the pharmaceutical industry such as pharmacy chain stores, pharmaceutical suppliers and franchisors.

He has provided advanced pharmacist services to various independent pharmacies to small and large multiples all around England.

Currently he works for Boots UK, member of Walgreens Boots Alliance, in Kent and Sussex.

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