RPS in Glasgow and Clyde

Welcome to the home of the RPS in Glasgow and Clyde

Andrew Carruthers, RPS In Your Area coordinator for Glasgow and ClydeHi, I'm Andrew Carruthers, the RPS In Your Area coordinator for Glasgow and Clyde.

What we do

We deliver practice development and hot topic events in Glasgow and Clyde.

We aim to support opportunities that meet the needs of all our members, from all professional backgrounds.

Working with the RPS team and local members, I:

  • Coordinate the delivery of local events
  • Develop RPS in Glasgow and Clyde as the focus for innovation, inter and intra-professional practice development, quality in practice and research
  • Support the development of RPS in Glasgow and Clyde as an opportunity for networking, mentoring and engagement in RPS professional programmes

Over the past 12 months, our events have covered topics including:

  • Revalidation
  • Health literacy 
  • Antimicrobial stewardship 
  • Professional standards for hospital pharmacy services

If you have a project or a local initiative you would like to share at an RPS event, please email us at [email protected]

Who I am

I am Andrew Carruthers and I currently work in NHS 24 as the Regional Pharmacy Advisor for the West of Scotland. Prior to my current role, I completed my pre-registration and Foundation training in hospital before moving on to a Medicines Information post within NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. I also do the occasional community locum, so have some exposure to community pharmacy too.

As an early years pharmacist I want to help focus on supporting newly qualified and fellow early years pharmacists. For previous events, I have arranged a Career Speed Dating evening to allow students, pre-registration and early years pharmacists to gain insight into some of the variable and exciting roles available in pharmacy. I think it is important to make people aware of these roles early on so they can aspire to them and realise that even if one aspect of pharmacy is not for them, there is plenty of scope for other roles.

From talking to local pharmacists, I think increasing workplace stress is a hugely important issue facing pharmacists across all sectors and I think that we don’t discuss this enough and the impact it can have. Pharmacist Support is a charity that can help with some aspects including a confidential helpline and financial assistance and since discovering their existence, I have tried to highlight this where possible.

The RPS events are a great opportunity to network and build professional and personal relationships.

How can I hear more?

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