Drug Use Policy

The pharmacy team's role in reducing harm and preventing drug deaths

Drug deaths have been rising year-on-year in Scotland, and in the UK as a whole, and work is ongoing looking at preventing drug deaths, identifying good practice examples to learn from and researching barriers to treatment.


Pharmacy teams already play a big role in supporting and providing treatment to those receiving substitution therapy for addiction, as well as offering extensive harm reduction services and advice. This great work has been especially valued as the pandemic impacted services and patient access across the country. 

We at the RPS want to build on the fantastic work already being done and explore what more pharmacy teams can offer to make full use of the vast and varied skill sets that are out there.

How you can help

We want to hear from you and other stakeholders on how pharmacy teams can contribute to reducing harm and preventing drug deaths in a number of areas. 

Share your views and ideas by taking the survey below.

We'll also be running a focus group in May, so if you'd like to join in and share your views, include your email at the end of the survey.