Managing Conflict at Work

Help and advice on how to manage difficult or abusive situations in your workplace

During the pandemic many pharmacy teams have reported an increase in abuse, violence and aggression from some members of the public.

RPS has consistently highlighted abuse as intolerable and condemns it in the strongest terms. We’ve also drawn it to the attention of the National Police Chiefs Council to help ensure a zero-tolerance approach to abuse to help keep pharmacy teams safe.

However, we know that some pharmacy teams still find themselves in situations where they are facing aggression and anger.  To support our members, we have produced a guide, in conjunction with The Mental Wealth Academy and Pharmacist Support, which details a simple tool you can use to help manage conflict in your workplace.

The information contained in this video is also available as a quick reference guide you can access by clicking here.

Building assertiveness

We know that tools help us know what to say and do but we also need to develop the confidence and personal skills to use to the tools to their full effect.

The following resources can help you develop those skills.

Building assertiveness Part 1

Building assertiveness Part 2

Building professional relationships

To help us avoid these situations occurring in the first place, it can be helpful to gain some knowledge and skills in building professional relationships.  Having a good foundation to any professional relationship, whether it is with a customer or colleague, can help us successfully manage difficult situations when they arise and avoid anger and aggression.

Some of these resources can help you understand what makes a good relationship, how to build one and how to keep it.

Building positive relationships

Building positive relationships in the workplace

RPS positive workplace relationships resource

Communication styles