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Enhancing Patient Experience

Enhancing Patient Experience

‘Patient experience’ is what the process of receiving care feels like for the patient, their family and carers. It is a key element of quality, alongside providing clinical excellence and safer care.

The PDaHW Enhancing Patient Experience (EPE) Subgroup

Subgroup members

  • James Doble (Lead) – Community Pharmacist
  • Clare Clements – Primary Care Lead Pharmacist CVHB
  • Eleri Schiavone – Principal Pharmacist Patient Services CTHB
  • Sudhir Sehrawat - Community Pharmacist
  • Kathryn Davies – Medicines Optimisation Technician HDHB
  • Geraldine McCaffrey- Research and Development Lead Pharmacist BCHB

Our Purpose

We commit to championing the EPE goals and influencing delivery of the success measures.

We will do this through engaging with goal owners, understanding enablers and barriers for delivery along with monitoring progress. Where barriers present and progress is off track we will help guide the “right activities” with goal owners to ensure the goals are achieved with the support of the Delivery Board.

Our 2022 Enhancing Patient Experience Goals

  • Community pharmacy will be the first point of contact for common ailments
  • 30% of community pharmacies will have an independent prescriber actively providing services
  • All pharmacy team members will be dementia friends
  • All patient facing pharmacists in the managed sector, eligible to qualify as prescribers will be actively prescribing
  • Pharmacy teams leading transfer of care in and out of hospital with ongoing support from their community pharmacist
James Doble, EPE subgroup lead:

“Twelve months since we established our subgroup has provided us a fantastic opportunity to work across the profession understanding the 2030 vision for pharmacy in Wales and how we might get there. We have built strong relationships within our group, which has helped us to gauge different perspectives and best identify key actions that will enable delivery of our goals. A key part of what we do is engaging with stakeholders to ensure all thinking is aligned around delivering the vision."