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Innovation and Technology

Making better use of digital, data, and communication technologies will help us to raise the quality and value of health and social care services, so that they are cost-effective and sustainable and also bring our offer in line with increasing expectations of technology in people’s day-to-day lives.

The PDaHW digital Medicines management sub-group overview

The Wales Pharmacy Partnership which represents the Welsh Pharmaceutical Committee, Royal Pharmaceutical Society (Wales), Community Pharmacy Wales, Association of Pharmacy Technicians (Wales) and Welsh Chief Pharmacists’ Group approached the NWIS Pharmacy and Medicines Management Lead to set up a Pharmacy Digital Group to support the digital elements of Pharmacy: Delivering a Healthier Wales.

The objectives of the group are:

To support the harnessing innovation and technology principles:

  • We will completely digitise medicines prescribing and associated processes to increase efficiency and safety across all sectors
  • We will use advances in technology to help people get the best health and medicines outcomes
  • We will develop pharmacy teams that will work collaboratively with other disciplines to support the safe introduction and positive patient outcomes from new medicines, precision and personalised therapies.

The delivery of the 2022 Goals

  • Central Electronic Health Record
  • Consultations facilitated by telehealth
  • E-medicines management systems, integrated across all sectors.

Patients central electronic medical records are accessed and updated by practitioners involved in their care, including the pharmacy team.

This will be achieved through alignment of digital projects across Wales, sharing of information, data analysis and production of a route map. The group will report to the Delivery Programme Board of Pharmacy-Delivering a Healthier Wales (PDAHW). The group will also liaise with key stakeholders as required including Wales Pharmacy Partnership (and constituent groups).

The group first met in June 2020 and currently meets bi-monthly or more frequently if required. Current membership is composed of:

  • NWIS Pharmacy lead
  • NWIS Medical representative (General practice)
  • Community pharmacy representatives using technology such as dispensing hubs, GP prescribing systems, Choose Pharmacy application (CRG)
  • Hospital pharmacy representatives using IT systems e.g. Welsh Clinical Portal, e-prescribing systems
  • NHS111 Pharmacy representative
  • Representatives from Cardiff and Swansea Schools of Pharmacy
  • RPS Digital lead
  • Health Board/Trust Director or Assistant Director of Informatics
  • Nurse advisor (Medicines management)
  • AWTTC/WAPSU representative
  • Pharmaceutical industry representative.


Cheryl Way, Pharmacy and Medicines Management lead, NWIS


Deputy Chair

Adam Turner, Senior Lecturer, Swansea University



Jonathan Lloyd Jones, RPS Wales ([email protected])