Manifesto for Pharmacy in Wales

24 Recognition

The voice of pharmacy for the 2021 Welsh Election. 

The next Welsh Government will continue to face significant challenges in the delivery and sustainability of health and social care services.  

In the run-up to the 2021 Welsh election, it is vital that the political parties and candidates for the election are fully informed of the important role that pharmacists play in health care delivery in Wales. 

To enable patients to benefit from the unique skills and knowledge of pharmacists, we are calling on the next Welsh Government to: 

• Embed the clinical capabilities of the pharmacy team across all NHS settings through robust multi-professional workforce planning, education and professional development

• Further integrate pharmacist independent prescribing into routine NHS care and ensure the universal roll out of services proven to benefit patients and improve capacity.

• Reduce the risk of medication errors and emergency hospital admissions by allowing pharmacists to access and update a shared electronic patient record.

• Accelerate the development and roll out of digital prescribing solutions across Wales.

• Ensure that citizens have access to emerging advanced medical therapies and pharmacogenomic therapies through investment in pharmacist training and service development.

• Support a legal framework to allow community pharmacists to make professional decisions in the supply of medicines to patients during times of medicines shortages

• Improve the quality of patient care by guaranteeing protected learning and teaching time for pharmacists across all sectors.

• Ensure the highest quality of care by supporting the health and wellbeing of pharmacists through access to NHS funded mental health and wellbeing support.




How can you help?

We need your help to ensure that election candidates better understand and recognise the vital role that pharmacists play in supporting people’s health:

  • Find out who your local constituency candidates are (we recommend using, send them a copy of our manifesto for pharmacy and ask them to show their support for the profession
  • Ask candidates to voice their support for pharmacy on social media (e.g. Twitter/Facebook) using the hashtag #votepharmacy_Wales
  • Invite candidates to see where you work, take a photo, and show them first-hand how pharmacists make a real difference to their constituents’ health.

Should you check with your employer?

Yes. You should check with your employer if you are planning on contacting election candidates or inviting them to visit your workplace and this may be included in the conditions of your employment.

Your employer or head office may also be able to offer further advice and support.

Should you let other pharmacists in the area know?

Yes. If you are interested in arranging visits for candidates, let your RPS Local Coordinator know as they could provide useful local information for your discussion with the candidates.

How do you find your local election candidates?

Many parties are still trying to select their candidates in some constituencies, but your local elections office, run by the local authority, will publish a list of all candidates standing for election in your area.

Websites such as can list your local candidates. If you want candidates to visit your pharmacy, you should enter that postcode rather than where you live.

More information is available from the Electoral Commission.

Can I write to candidates?

You can write to candidates to bring the manifesto for pharmacy to their attention. Email is the most convenient approach and it is recommended to keep it short to help candidates and their team read it quickly.

A sample email is set out below but you can adapt it to make it more personal.

Dear [candidate name],

I am a pharmacist at [place of work] in [location] and am contacting you and the other Welsh election candidates to ask you to show your support for pharmacists in [constituency name] in the run up to the 2021 Welsh election. 

I wanted to draw your attention to the recent publication by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society in Wales of ‘A Manifesto for Pharmacy in Wales’ which outlines proposals to the next Welsh Government for ensuring greater patient benefit from the pharmacy resource in Wales. 

If you wanted to visit me at work during the election campaign to see first-hand how pharmacists make a real difference to constituents’ health, I would be happy to help arrange this. 

You can also show your support online using the hashtag #votepharmacy_Wales.

Yours sincerely,

Are there any other resources?

We have a wide range of policies and campaigns to support the calls to the next Welsh Government from RPS Wales.

Further information:

For further information about the Welsh election 2021 and A Manifesto for Pharmacy in Wales, please contact the RPS Wales team on 02920 730310.