Brexit: 2021 and beyond

While uncertainty remains about the future relationship between the UK and the EU, the RPS is looking ahead to 2021 and the future for the pharmacy profession.

In a statement issued today, RPS confirms that protecting patient care, supporting the pharmacy workforce, and ensuring the continuity of medicines supply will continue to be high priorities for 2021.

Having sought and received assurances from the UK Government, devolved governments, the pharmaceutical industry and others on plans to sustain the supply of medicines following the Brexit transition period, while we will continue to monitor the situation in the short-term, the organisation’s focus for 2021 will be on the medium to long-term plans for pharmaceutical care.

Sustaining and strengthening the medicines supply chain will continue to be a high priority alongside continued calls for changes to legislation to allow community pharmacists to make minor changes to prescriptions to enable the safe and effective supply of medicines to patients where there are routine shortages. RPS will also continue to raise with Government concerns about a possible influx of counterfeit medicines and the need for system to tackle this in a flexible way in line with medicine supply systems. 

It will also be critical that Great Britain remains attractive to highly skilled health and science workforce. Ensuring the health and life sciences sectors can remain welcoming and attractive to the world’s best talent is essential.

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