RPS Regional Ambassadors

1. What do RPS Regional Ambassadors do?

Here to help - our RPS Regional Ambassadors!

Sometimes, you don't need the entire RPS to help you out. Perhaps you need support on a regional issue, introduction to a nearby contact, to promote a local event - anything that doesn't necessarily involve all of GB pharmacy!

You can reach out to your Ambassador through the RPS to ask for advice, introductions, a helping hand, and more. As experienced pharmacy professionals, they're here to encourage discussions and local networking, and act as a bridge between RPS and our members. They have extensive local knowledge and networks - but they’re also volunteers, so there are limits to their powers!

Regional Ambassadors are here to help you and all the members of the profession in your region. Get to know them - and how they can represent - you, via the list of ambassadors below.

To contact your Ambassador, email [email protected]

Ambassador events in 2023

Each Ambassador will be hosting regular virtual and face-to-face events in your region throughout 2023.

What do you want to see at these events?

Tell us what you want to see at these regular events - complete this handy form

2. Which regions do the Ambassadors cover?

We've divided the UK into 14 separate regions, 11 of which already have their own Ambassador:

  1. England - East
  2. England - London
  3. England - Midlands
  4. England - North East & Yorkshire
  5. England - North West
  6. England - South East
  7. England - South West
  8. Jersey
  9. Scotland - East
  10. Scotland - North - Apply here
  11. Scotland - West
  12. Wales - East
  13. Wales - North - Apply here
  14. Wales - South West


Could YOU be an RPS Regional Ambassador?

We're still looking for experienced and reliable Ambassadors for two of our regions: North Scotland and North-West Wales.

If you'd like to volunteer to help out your fellow pharmacists in any of these regions, we'd love to hear from you now. Simply complete our Ambassador Application Form.

3. Who is my RPS Regional Ambassador?

England - East

Christianne MicallefDr Christianne Micallef
Christianne is a Principal Pharmacist in Antimicrobials at Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge. 

She is an experienced hospital pharmacist, who has also worked in academic and national roles both in the UK and in Malta. In her current role, she actively conducts antimicrobial stewardship research. 

Christianne aims to use her role as Ambassador to listen to RPS members' concerns, help address them and ensure pharmacists are fully supported in their needs.

England - Midlands

Nirali SisodiaNirali Sisodia
Nirali is currently a Senior Clinical PCN Pharmacist in Northamptonshire.

She is an independent prescriber and trainee Advanced Clinical Practitioner with a specialism in Cardiology and Anticoagulation. She is passionate about training and education, humanitarian aid and raising the profile of pharmacy to ensure collaboration occurs across sectors to deliver the best care to patients.

England - North West

Nahim KhanNahim Khan
Nahim is currently a portfolio working pharmacist in Warrington.

Nahim is enthusiastic to create more inclusive events that ensure pharmacists can increase their skills to be the best they can be. 

He has been an active member of the RPS for several years and his vast experience across pharmacy sectors ensures a vast understanding of member’s needs.

England - South West

Joanne ClarkeJoanne Clarke
Jo is currently the Programme Lead for the Independent Prescribing Course at Bath University.

She has a diverse background covering most sectors of pharmacy, with a passion for education and development and medicines safety. She aims to use her role as Ambassador to bring members of the pharmacy community together to network and to share ideas and learning, across sectors and geographies.

Scotland - East

Giovanna DiTanoGiovanna DiTano
Giovanna is currently the Lead Pharmacist Smoking Cessation NHS Lothian.

An active RPS member for many years, she is passionate about supporting the wellbeing of pharmacists and promoting mentoring within the profession. Giovanna wishes to create events that showcase the different sectors of pharmacy and create strong cross sector networks within her Region.

Scotland - West

Lorna HammondLorna Hammond
Lorna is Lead Clinical Pharmacist in Mental Health in Greater Glasgow & Clyde, and a Scottish Clinical Leadership Fellow, with 25 years of experience in community and hospital pharmacy.

She supports local peer networks and wellbeing events, has a passion for education and training, and wants to do more with practice areas across the profession.

Wales - East

Anya BowenAnya Bowen
Anya is currently working as a cluster pharmacist within Cwm Taf Morgannwg.

As Ambassador she will encourage discussions and local networking in order to strengthen relationships within the area, enhance individual growth and understand common concerns to become the bridge between the RPS and its members.


Amenze IdehenAmenze Idehen
Amenze is currently working in community pharmacy in London. 

She has been a member of the RPS since her university days, and as Ambassador she aims to bring pharmacists together to stand as a formidable force and showcase their relevance to the larger group of healthcare professionals.

England - North East & Yorkshire

Hayder QureshiHayder Qureshi
Hayder is currently the Medicines Optimisation Pharmacist at NHS NENC ICB - Sunderland.

As Ambassador, Hayder aims to champion professional standards, policies and campaigns through better localised engagement of pharmacists. He wants to build a strong awareness of the place pharmacy has in society.

England - South East

Ravinder BirdeeRavinder Birdee
Ravi is a UK registered consultant pharmacist, a final signatory, independent prescriber, and has worked in both the NHS and pharma.

As Ambassador, Ravi wants to create an open policy with effective two way communication for members where they can communicate policies/best practice/latest changes to pharmacy.


Simon WallSimon Wall
Simon has been a community pharmacist in Jersey for the last 16 years.

Already a prominent figure within the pharmacy profession in Jersey, he brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm to the role. Simon attends monthly meetings with fellow pharmacy representatives and these well-established relationships will be invaluable in his role as Ambassador.

Scotland - North



Wales - North



Wales -South West

Julie DaviesJulie Davies
Julie is currently a regional lead for the Foundation Pharmacist training programme in Wales.

She’s a longstanding member of the RPS who’s passionate about the development of Pharmacists and the Pharmacy profession.

4. How can my Regional Ambassador help me?

What can your Ambassador do to help you?

You can tell them yourself! Complete this handy form

What can your Ambassador help with?

They can:

  • Encourage discussions and networking
  • Link you, our members, to us, the RPS!
  • Introduce you to other healthcare professionals
  • Liaise with professionals in other sectors
  • Help to address recurring local issues (e.g., drug shortages)
  • Share best practice
  • Develop events to boost your skills
  • Solve particular problems in your region.

RPS Professional Support

And don't forget, even if your Ambassador can't help, our Professional Support Team almost certainly can.