Your RPS e-Portfolio

What is my e-Portfolio?

Part of your RPS membership, your e-Portfolio is a secure storage space to record evidence of learning and development throughout your career.

Your e-Portfolio has been developed to help with Revalidation, Foundation Training, Credentialing and more.


How will my e-Portfolio help me?

Your e-Portfolio is a lifelong learning portfolio, enabling you to:

  • Record evidence of your practice as you progress through your career
  • Identify areas of strengths and learning gaps in skills and knowledge
  • Assess your practice against relevant frameworks and curricula
  • Focus and plan your personal and professional development.

e-Portfolio programmes

Our E-portfolio contains several pathways to support your professional development and prepare for assessment and credentialing. No matter where you are in your career, you'll find a programme to support your learning and development.


Post-registration foundation pharmacist 


We have developed a credentialing process for post-registration foundation pharmacists working in patient-focussed roles across different sectors in the UK who wish to demonstrate they have the knowledge, skills and behaviours expected of post-registration foundation pharmacists.

If you are undertaking a post-registration foundation pharmacist training programme, you can use the new RPS e-Portfolio to record evidence of your learning.

The e-Portfolio is aligned to our post-registration foundation pharmacist curriculum and once you’ve completed your learning, it’s easy to submit your e-Portfolio for assessment. To find out more see our post-registration foundation e-portfolio guidance.


Consultant Pharmacist

31 Industry

The Consultant Pharmacist Credentialing process is open to all pharmacists practicing in patient-focussed roles who wish to be credentialed as consultant-ready.

 Use your Consultant Pharmacist e-Portfolio to record and compile your learning and assessment evidence against the outcomes of the Consultant Pharmacist Curriculum.

To find out more, visit our Consultant Pharmacist e-Portfolio Guide for Learners and Consultant Pharmacist e-Portfolio Guide for Collaborators.



NHS111 Wales Transition Programme

StageofcareerqualifyIf you are training on the RPS NHS111 Wales Transition programme, you can use this e-portfolio to keep track of your progress during your training journey. 

To find out more please visit the RPS NHS111 Wales Transition homepage or access the following user guide.




General Practice transition programme (NEW)

The General Practice (GP) transition programme supports learners through their transition to the GP Practice environment enabling them to develop essential knowledge, skills, experiences, and behaviours to be a safe and effective pharmacist. This programme is for pharmacists who are undertaking the Health Education and Improvement Wales (HEIW) GP training programme.


Any questions?

If you have any questions about your e-Portfolio, feedback about the platform or suggestions for improvements, email our dedicated e-Portfolio team at [email protected]