Consultant Post approval and individual credentialing services

Our application and assessment model for reviewing and recognising consultant posts in England, Wales and Northern Ireland

From January 2020, we will approve consultant pharmacist posts for employers and organisations

Consultant pharmacists

What is a Consultant Pharmacist in the NHS?


Consultant pharmacists are clinical experts who work at a senior level, delivering care and driving change across the healthcare system. They've demonstrated the level of competence expected of a consultant pharmacist and their post has been reviewed and approved.  

Consultant pharmacists work across the four pillars:

  • Clinical practice
  • Leadership
  • Research 
  • Education

They undertake activities that use their extensive, expert knowledge and skills to contribute to the health of individuals and the population.

Post approval

What does this mean?

The post approval service is required to:

  • Assure an appropriate level of practice and consistency across all specialities and geographies
  • Deliver posts that are at the appropriate level for a consultant pharmacist regardless of the employing organisation(s) or location
  • Maximise the potential of the individual consultant pharmacist to impact on patients across the health economy
  • Ensure posts are developed strategically in response to local need and facilitate health economy wide working

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Individual credentialing

We will be launching a brand new credentialing service

Individual credentialing for consultant pharmacists will be introduced in October 2020, proving they are consultant-ready i.e. they have the knowledge, skills and behaviours to work at consultant-level. Find out how to get involved here.