Are you stressed at work?

Workplace stress

We're fighting for pharmacists to get equal access to a support service that's funded by the NHS.

Have you suffered stress, burnout or have lacked support when you needed it? Or maybe you’ve seen colleagues struggling or feeling overwhelmed?

We've been collecting your experiences where there has been a lack of wellbeing support for you and others compared to other healthcare professionals. 

The response has been overwhelming: over a thousand of you responded to our survey. Now we're making the case to government: equal access to support for pharmacists!

For more information and background about this campaign, see our campaign document Supporting the Mental Health and Wellbeing of Pharmacists.

PrezCast #3 - Workforce Wellbeing

In episode three of our PrezCast RPS President Sandra Gidley looks at why it's not always easy being a pharmacist, and discusses her own experiences of stress in the workplace.

Keep up with Sandra's PrezCast podcasts every month at Podcast Central.

We're carrying out this important work in collaboration with Pharmacist Support.

If you're struggling to manage your wellbeing, Pharmacist Support - the profession’s charity – has free and confidential services that may help. 

For information, a stress helpline, specialist advice, wellbeing workshops and online resources visit Phamacist Support  [email protected] or call 0808-168-2233.

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