Prescribing Competency Framework

This framework sets out what good prescribing looks like. It describes the demonstrable knowledge, skills, characteristics, qualities and behaviours for a safe and effective prescribing role. Its implementation and maintenance are important in informing and improving practice, development, standard of care and safety (for both the prescriber and patient).

It's a generic framework that can be used by any prescriber at any point in their career, regardless of their professional background. However, it must be contextualised to reflect different areas of practice, levels of expertise and settings. The framework is for all regulators, professional bodies, education providers, and patients/carers to use. 

The framework was first published by the RPS in July 2016, we will continue to maintain and publish it in collaboration with a multidisciplinary group with representatives from professional regulators, professional organisations, prescribers from all professions, lay representatives and other relevant and interested stakeholder groups from across the UK. 

Find out more about prescribing, with our dedicated prescribing section - for aspiring pharmacist prescribers, prescribing trainees, newly practicing, and experienced prescribing practitioners.

Updated: 7 September 2021
First Published: July 2016

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