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Class 2 Medicines Recall

Class 2 Medicines Recall: Nutriflex Omega Plus 1250ml, 1875ml and 2500ml, PL 03551/0119, and Nutriflex Omega Special 625ml, 1250ml, 1875ml and 2500ml, PL 03551/0118 and Supplemented Product codes ASNSPOMCA, ASNSPOMSVA, ASNPLOMCA, ASNPLOMSVA (625ml, 1250ml, 1875ml 2500ml)  (Hospital Pharmacy, Home Care Provider and Wholesaler Level Recall)

B Braun is initiating a recall of certain batches of the above products as a precautionary measure. This is because ongoing product monitoring has identified that some bags may not comply with the required specification throughout the product shelf-life.