Covid-19: Pharmacists storm the news

These are unprecedented times. Covid-19 has placed an extraordinary demand on the profession.

We’re proud to help get pharmacy the recognition it deserves. The continued commitment of pharmacists and pharmacy teams across England, Scotland and Wales during this tough period has been amazing.

We’ve been working hard during to ensure your voice is heard across all media channels. Thank you to the many pharmacists who have given their time so generously to be interviewed on TV, radio, in newspapers and online to make sure the issues facing pharmacy are highlighted.

Over the past two weeks alone you’ve helped us create a storm of coverage across television and radio stations. We’ve covered news channels from ITV to BBC News, Sky and Radio 5 Live, to consumer programmes like Radio 4’s You & Yours and local stations across the country, including BBC radio and BBC London TV News and BBC Wales. Pharmacists have also featured in over 160 online news stories during this period, including the Daily Mail Online and BBC Online.

Some of our other activities during this period include constant updating of our coronavirus page for pharmacists, contacting the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care calling for greater recognition of pharmacists, an open letter to Headteachers on the role of pharmacists and pharmacy teams as ‘key workers’ and another to the British Retail Consortium to ask for pharmacy access to NHS priority opening hours in supermarkets. We've also asked the Police to give pharmacy teams greater protection with a zero-tolerance approach to aggressive behaviour.

We are here to put pharmacy at the forefront of healthcare. With your help we’ll continue to work hard to ensure the voice of the profession is heard.