Developing new skills for patient care

Developing new skills for patient care

The dramatic work changes you’ve faced during Covid-19 can be very stressful, especially when you’ve been newly deployed and feel you’re at the edge of your experience, or even beyond it.

We’re here to strengthen your knowledge and skills so you can perform well and provide the best patient care. We’ve worked with expert groups to create training packages so you can start work in a care home or critical care for the first time with confidence. We’ve put together a Covid-19 clinical resources hub and have a wide range of webinars to get you up to speed on the latest developments.

You told us you were concerned about having to make difficult decisions during the pandemic, so we’ve talked to experts on pharmacy law to provide ethical guidance on structured decision making to help develop your understanding of this area.  You’ve also expressed your frustration at the lack of professional autonomy you have to support people with medicine shortages. We agree that pharmacists in all settings should be able to make changes to prescriptions which minimise unnecessary delays. That’s why we’re calling for medicines legislation to be amended so community pharmacists in England and Wales can help patients get the medicines they need more quickly in a similar way to colleagues in Scotland.

If you’re a pre-registration student, we know you’ve had it tough this year and need extra support with your professional development. We’ve hosted webinars on provisional registration and created a dedicated resource centre with all the help you need to prepare you for practice including insight and experiences from colleagues in different sectors of pharmacy.  We also extended your membership until the results of this year’s pre-registration assessment are announced. And of course our team of experienced pharmacists are here to support you individually through provisional registration and practice, along with support buddies and mentors.

We’ve been actively tackling the problems you’ve been experiencing during Covid19 across all areas of pharmacy practice. Let us know if there are any issues you’d like us to raise [email protected].