Government must deliver on public health

Commenting on changes to Public Heath England and the announcement of a new National Institute for Health Protection, Claire Anderson, Chair of the English Pharmacy Board, said:

 “Whatever happens with administrative changes, the Government must ensure it delivers a compelling vision for public health and prevention.

 “This must include making most of pharmacy to reduce the backlog of care from COVID-19 and better manage demand across the health service.

 “Pharmacies play a vital role in supporting prevention, healthy living and tackling health inequalities, including in communities at a higher risk from COVID-19.

 “It’s encouraging to hear the Secretary of State’s commitment to embedding health improvements across government and the NHS, including pharmacy and primary care – this now needs to be supported by funding after years of cuts to public health.

 “As we look toward winter pressures, risks of a second wave of COVID-19, and a potential ‘no-deal’ Brexit, it’s vital that we don’t lose time amid these changes.

 “We must ensure public health messaging continues, and will be looking for clarity on support for health teams, local and regional roles and resources.”