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Government responds to consultation on regulation reforms

Proposals must focus on patient safety, says RPS

The Government has published its response following the ‘Promoting professionalism, reforming regulation’ consultation, which set out proposed reforms to health professional regulators. This includes proposals around regulators' governance and accountability, as well as measures to allow regulators to resolve fitness to practise cases more quickly.


Chair of RPS in England, Claire Anderson, said:

“Pharmacists and the public will likely welcome moves to enable the General Pharmaceutical Council to act in a timely manner to resolve fitness to practice cases and support patient safety. However pharmacists must also have the confidence that all cases will be dealt with fairly and should not feel pressured into agreeing to a ‘fast track’ process.

“The Government has also said it will consider how best to develop proposals to reduce the number of professional regulators. In our response to the original consultation last year, the RPS argued that any review should put the safety of patients and wider public at the centre and not primarily focus on driving efficiencies. Due to the breadth of practice that pharmacists undertake the RPS believes that the GPhC must remain as a regulator and should not be merged as part of any proposed reduction.”


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