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Hear RPS England Chair Thorrun Govind speak to the BBC about hay fever and cetirizine shortages

RPS English Pharmacy Board Chair Thorrun Govind featured on BBC Radio 5 Live and BBC radio stations across the country yesterday, June 24, after pharmacists reported shortages of cetirizine.

The antihistamine is commonly used to help treat hay fever, which has reportedly been more potent this year.

Thorrun told BBC radio stations that one cause for this could be the time spent locked indoors over the past year, meaning resilience to allergic rhinitis could have lessened. 

Thorrun told BBC Radio Scotland: "There has been a high pollen count this year and one of the answers could be that we have spent a lot of time locked in doors over the past year and we have all decided to come out and enjoy ourselves."

She added that only 'one or two' suppliers have reported the shortage of cetirizine.

"It is a minor disruption of supply of cetirizine, which is a oral antihisteming, a non-drowsy one, which you take once a day," she added.

"But it is just one or two suppliers, and we are able to get it from other suppliers."

Hear Thorrun's full interview with BBC Radio Scotland on June 24 here.

Thorrun also offered expert comment in an explainer piece on hay fever, and how to cope with symptoms, which has appeared in the press across the country, including Manchester Evening News and Yorkshire Live.


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