Support Alert

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT): further information on the known increased risk of breast cancer with HRT and its persistence after stopping

New data has confirmed that the risk of breast cancer is increased during use of all types of HRT, except vaginal oestrogens, and have also shown that an excess risk of breast cancer persists for longer after stopping HRT than previously thought. 

Prescribers of HRT are asked to discuss the updated total risk with women who use HRT or are considering starting HRT at their next routine appointment.

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) CAS alert can be found here. It contains information on:

• Actions for prescribers

• New study findings on the increased risk of breast cancer with HRT

• What an individual woman can do to reduce her risk

• Summary of HRT risks and benefits

An MHRA Drug Safety Update is available to support this alert and can be found here. This contains further information and advice for healthcare professionals, including patient counselling.