Improving care for you and your patients

Coronavirus has deeply affected us all. Our work, our colleagues, and our patients. The dedication you’ve shown on the frontline has been outstanding.

Getting the right support is vital to help us cope, and continue caring for our patients.

Your wellbeing is a top priority for us. Even before the pandemic you told us you were struggling. The effect of the huge increase in demand from COVID-19 is taking its toll. Being deployed to new areas, including critical care, has been tough. Tougher still to experience the deaths of patients and loved ones.

We’ve insisted on the importance of mental health and wellbeing support for the pharmacy workforce with governments across the country. In England and Wales, pharmacists now have access to the same NHS support services as other healthcare professionals. We’re continuing to press the Scottish government for the same. You deserve no less.

Sometimes it’s been hard to do your best for patients too. Sickness and self-isolation amongst primary care colleagues has led to difficulty getting hold of the controlled drugs some of our patients need.

The Home Office asked us to produce guidance when the regulations around CDs changed for the pandemic period. You now have greater professional autonomy, in particular circumstances to be announced by the Secretary of State, to provide controlled drugs to patients already prescribed them, without the need for a new prescription. This will help you support end of life care, substance misuse services and continue to provide essential medicines if the legislation is activated.

We know there’s still a long way to go. But together, we’ll get there. Caring for each other, and for our patients.

Please let us know anything you’d like us to raise via [email protected]

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