Make professional decisions with our backing

Pharmacists and pharmacy teams are working harder than ever to support people with their medicines during the unprecedented and unplanned for impact of COVID-19.

The RPS backs you to use your professional judgement, skills and expertise to help people.

There will be circumstances in the coming weeks where you’ll need to do things differently and prioritise putting people first and professional ethics over legislation, regulation and processes.

Do think things through, and be sure that you can justify your decisions keeping records of the professional interventions you make.

We can’t guarantee that questions won’t be asked about “why” you made particular decisions, however you can be reassured that we as an organisation will be supportive of using your professional judgement to help people.

For example, we’d encourage you to prioritise helping people who you assess as needing certain medicines, and having difficulties getting hold them and putting them first, rather than prioritising rules around licensing or packaging over their care.