Mental Health Awareness Week - Creating a safe environment for pharmacy

This week we will be focusing on supporting the mental health of pharmacists in all patient facing roles. We recognise during the COVID-19 response pressures have been immense and relentless – and at times overwhelming - regardless of where you work.

Pharmacists will have been involved in the most difficult conversations with patients and their relatives. People who may be seriously ill, lonely and scared.

As well as providing direct help to pharmacists to improve wellbeing, we recognise that its important the working environment is safe.

It’s terribly upsetting that some pharmacy teams have experienced and reported an increase in abuse, violence and aggression from a small minority of the public.

We believe any aggression and violence is intolerable and completely unacceptable.

It is powerful that everyone in pharmacy is united; employers, unions and regulators all agree that a zero-tolerance approach to aggressive behaviour of the public.   

We have taken multiple actions to support a safe working environment already:   

  • We continue to ask Government that all pharmacy teams across the NHS are kept safe and protected against any forms of aggressive, violent and abusive behaviour.