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New Competency Framework for Designated Prescribing Practitioners

Today we’ve published the Competency Framework for Designated Prescribing Practitioners. The Framework supports individuals across all independent prescribing professions, training providers and universities to understand what competencies must be met to provide safe and effective prescribing supervision to independent prescribers.

Many of you training to be prescribers have reported difficulties getting supervision from medical prescribers for the ‘practical experience’ part of your course.  To improve access to training in practice, we’ve long supported the view that trainee prescribers need the option of being supervised by other independent prescribers. In 2019 the regulations were changed, and now Designated Prescribing Practitioners, such as pharmacists, can supervise trainee independent prescribers. 

The Competency Framework for Designated Prescribing Practitioners (DPPs) is for use by all the independent prescribing professions. It will underpin the quality of training in practice and ensure consistency in the competencies required of all healthcare professionals carrying out the role.

The Framework supports prescribers to be effective DPPs by outlining the skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviours required.  It also helps universities and training providers to check DPPs have the right competencies for the role, and organisational prescribing leads to support governance processes around the period of learning in practice and help prospective independent prescribers to find a suitable DPP.

Gail Fleming, Director of Education and Professional Development at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society said:

“This new Competency Framework for Designated Prescribing Practitioners is great news for independent prescribing and for patients.  It will support experienced independent prescribers from a range of professions to consistently supervise the period of training in practice for a trainee independent prescriber. It’ll also be useful for training providers updating their courses and healthcare organisations employing independent prescribers. Ultimately this should help make it easier for a trainee to find someone to train them and will give patients access to the care they need from the right healthcare professional for their particular condition.”

The Framework is endorsed by the Royal College of Nursing, the Royal College of Midwives, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists, the College of Paramedics, the British Dietetic Association, the College of Podiatry and College of Paramedics to date.

If you’re interested in prescribing, take a look at our Prescribing Competency Framework for all professionals and join us in London, Cardiff and Glasgow for our DDP events.


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