New RPS Fellows 2021

The RPS Panel of Fellows has designated the following 22 members as Fellows of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society for Distinction in the Profession of Pharmacy:

· Alison Margaret Astles

· Matthew Dyer Barclay

· Catrin Eleanor Barker

· Malcolm Ernest Brown

· Aileen Bryson

· Leanne Paula Carey

· Nicholas Alexander Duncan

· Oweikumo Lambert Eradiri

· Paul Laurence Goggin

· Elspeth Jane Gray

· Martin John Green

· Sean MacBride-Stewart

· Peter Raymond Mas-Mollinedo

· Stephen James Riley

· Gordon Frank Rushworth

· Mark Santillo

· Justine Claire Scanlan

· Richard Jan Schmidt

· Catriona Margaret Sinclair

· Timothy John Sizer

· Charlotte Anne Skitterall

· Catherine Sian Williams

Being appointed a Fellow of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society is one of the highest honours that can be given to a member.

It recognises the distinction members have attained in a particular aspect or aspects of their pharmacy career. As Fellowships are based on nominations from members, it also signifies the high esteem in which members are held by their peers and is a mark of real achievement.

The Society currently has 770 Fellows from across the profession representing a variety sectors and career stages. View the full list of Fellows which can be searched by alphabet.