New RPS Foundation Pharmacist Framework

The new RPS Foundation Pharmacist Framework is now available and will support the future of pharmacy education and training across the UK.

It sets out the capabilities needed to meet the growing demand for pharmacists to provide increasingly complex clinical care across a range of settings. It now has a stronger focus on clinical capabilities, including preparation for prescribing.

The RPS Foundation Pharmacist Framework has been developed in collaboration with the Pharmacy Education Governance Oversight Board and informed by over 800 responses from across the profession to a questionnaire analysing the roles of foundation pharmacists. It’s an important step towards designing the future curriculum, syllabus and assessment for foundation pharmacists across the UK.

The RPS Foundation Pharmacist Framework is the springboard for developing a UK Foundation Pharmacist curriculum. We’ll be working closely with employers, education leaders and training providers to provide this by next summer to inform design and delivery of future foundation programmes across the UK.

Our Framework supports seamless career development for you from Foundation to Advanced stage. 

Gail Fleming, RPS Director of Education, said:

“With the profession and pharmacy employers seeing an unprecedented demand for clinical knowledge and skills, it’s vital we move towards a sustainable, funded national model for foundation pharmacist training.”

Professor Peter Kopelman, Chair of the Pharmacy Education Governance Oversight Board, said:

“The RPS Foundation Pharmacist Framework is the first stage towards identifying standards applicable to the desired outcomes from Foundation training for all pharmacists across the UK. The Pharmacy Education Governance Oversight Board will continue to work with key stakeholders across the profession to assure the quality of a future curriculum and assessment strategy.”

Duncan Craig, Chair of the Pharmacy Schools Council said:

“There is a recognition that the profession can and should do more to support pharmacists at the early stages of their careers post-graduation, so we see the development of the RPS Foundation Pharmacist Framework as a significant step forward on this important pathway. We look forward to working with the RPS and other stakeholders to contribute to this process to the benefit of the profession and the public.”

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