New report aims to transform general practice in Wales

Transforming patient care in general practice settings is the aim of a new resource being launched today at the National Assembly for Wales.

The resource, developed in partnership by the Royal College of General Practitioners and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society in Wales, focuses on the relationships between health professionals working in general practice and creating the right culture for providing high quality patient care.

Supported and endorsed by a number of health professional bodies, the resource provides the practical tools to help health professionals understand the roles of their colleagues and to develop high performing teams. It aims to foster a positive culture of collaboration and support that patients will benefit from in terms of accessing the right professional at the right time within general practice.

The resource is being launched at a time of change in general practice in Wales where more health professions and a range of new clinical skills are being incorporated into the general practice team. The multidisciplinary team is now seen at the way forward in general practice to help ensure patients can see the most appropriate health professional for their needs. The team approach will help to increase the capacity of general practice to deal with the growing demands on GP services and provide a new and responsive model of care for the Welsh population.

Building the multidisciplinary team will require dedicated action and support within the general practice setting. This resource aims to support that process and to contribute to the wider work that is underway in Wales to transform patient care delivered in general practice and outside of hospitals.

Commenting on the resource, Dr Mair Hopkin, Joint Chair, Royal College of General Practitioners in Wales said:

“GPs are at the forefront of the change that primary care must make so that patients can see the right medical professional at the right time. Developing new partnerships across primary care is essential, but this transition requires careful thought. My hope is that this resource empowers GPs and other primary care professionals to make the best decisions for team-building in their area.”

Suzanne Scott-Thomas, Chair of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s Welsh Pharmacy Board said:

“I am delighted to see this resource come to fruition. We are already seeing the advantages that pharmacists and other health professionals can bring to general practice and I am confident that this resource can further contribute to the development of the general practice team. I am thankful for the input of all professions that contributed to this work and hope that we can build on those relationships to deliver more for our patients in primary care in Wales”.

The resource can be accessed at: