Prescription Charges - We talk to BBC Radio 4 programme

RPS President Sandra Gidley was interviewed as part of an episode on BBC Radio 4’s My Name Is… programme, the episode called Joanna: Can’t Afford My Medication.

The programme focused on the prescription charges system in England and highlighted why charges still exist for patients with some long-term conditions.

Joanna, the programme presenter, was born with a liver disease called Neonatal hemochromatosis and wants to see prescription charges scrapped in England. She admits that as a student, she often can’t afford her prescriptions and has previously rationed medicines to try and make them last longer.

During her interview, Sandra describes the history of the prescription charges system in England. She also said that to avoid potential costs, patients should check first to see if they are eligible for free prescriptions as pharmacists ‘often don’t have time to go through this with everybody’, given how busy pharmacies are.

Listen to Sandra's interview:

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