Press Release

Pharmacists are vital to Covid booster vaccine scheme

Following a Government announcement, RPS has said that pharmacists 'must' be involved with delivering the Covid booster vaccine from September.

The boosters will aim to protect the most vulnerable people across the UK from Covid-19, and pharmacists could play a critical role in this programme.

Robbie Turner, RPS Director of Pharmacy, said: "Pharmacists across the NHS have played a critical role in leading the successful implementation of the Covid-19 vaccination programme.

‘’We must see widespread involvement of community pharmacy in delivering the Covid booster jab and flu jab together for the over 50s.

“Pharmacy has a strong track record of delivery of vaccination programmes with millions of flu vaccinations provided last season across Great Britain, as well as hundreds of sites delivering Covid-19 vaccinations.

“Any new service must be carefully planned to ensure that the vital roles that community pharmacists already play in medicines supply, providing advice, consultations and public health services are protected.

“Supply of vaccinations will need to be maintained to ensure implementation can be maximised, and the wellbeing of teams considered if they are taking on significant extra workload.

“As we look to the future, the Government and NHS must now make the most of pharmacists’ skills to support the NHS recovery, improve patient safety and reduce health inequalities.”