RPS England Chair talks about restrictions easing on BBC News

The Government announced that the easing of COVID restrictions in England would be brought forward from the original date of March 24.

This would include no longer having to legally self-isolate.

RPS English Pharmacy Board Chair Thorrun Govind appeared on BBC News on Monday, February 21 to talk about the easing of COVID restrictions - and its impact on pharmacy.

Commenting on the easing of restrictions, Thorrun Govind said: “We know people will be keen for life to get back to normal, but there are also challenges around learning to live with COVID-19. There are some key questions which will need to be answered, such as how people can safely care for vulnerable relatives or how employers continue managing risks for health and care staff.

“Any changes in policy, especially around public access to COVID testing, will need to be clearly communicated to healthcare staff and the wider public.

“Pharmacists have always put patient care first, but all too often we’ve seen guidance on implementation struggle to keep up with last-minute political decisions. Whatever happens in the coming days, we don’t want to see pharmacy teams left to pick up the pieces.

“It is also crucial to remain cautious whilst restrictions ease, and members of the public should continue to wear masks in healthcare settings such as pharmacies.”

Watch the interview back here: