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RPS England calls for mask-wearing to continue in pharmacies

Following the Government announcement yesterday, July 5, RPS England has responded by saying that it will remain ‘vital’ for mask-wearing to continue in pharmacies and other healthcare settings.

Thorrun Govind, Chair of RPS England, said: “Pharmacists and the teams they work with have been on the frontline of healthcare throughout the pandemic.

“They must be provided with the support and protection they deserve as we move into the next phase of loosening restrictions in England.

“Covid has not disappeared and the Government and employers must ensure that pharmacists and pharmacy teams are protected against the risks it continues to present.

“The use of face masks and social distancing in pharmacies and other healthcare settings should remain alongside increasing ventilation wherever possible.

“Pharmacists at risk of coming into contact with Covid positive patients must be fully protected and provided with FFP3 masks when seeing patients.

“It’s particularly important that community pharmacies are fully recognised by Government and the public as healthcare settings where vulnerable and ill people come to collect their medicines.

“It’s vital that mask wearing continues by the public and pharmacists in this environment to protect each other.”


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