RPS England responds to NAO report

Following publication of the National Audit Office report on the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccination programme in England, Chair of RPS in England Thorrun Govind said:

“This report highlights the extraordinary contribution of pharmacy teams working across the health service to the COVID-19 vaccination rollout, which was set up and delivered at record speed.

“On one day alone, (December 13 2021), community pharmacies delivered 185,000 COVID-19 booster vaccines in England – 44% of all boosters given that day. Our role in protecting patients from this devastating disease is a truly fantastic achievement and one that the whole profession can be proud of.

“There remains an ongoing need to encourage vaccine uptake. Pharmacy teams have played a key role in reaching out to local communities during the pandemic to help overcome vaccine hesitancy.

“The report also highlights the need for a review of how Covid vaccinations will be delivered in the longer term, including managing demands on staff and future workforce planning.”

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