RPS in England welcomes contraceptive pilot

We've responded to news that community pharmacies will be able to offer contraceptive pill checks as part of a pilot scheme from NHS England.

The pilot will give patients better access to contraception and sexual health services, as well as freeing up general practice and the NHS.

The scheme started on Thursday, September 30 and will run for a year.

Thorrun Govind, Chair of the RPS English Pharmacy Board, said: “We are pleased that the pilot will improve access to contraception and sexual health services and, as medicines experts, pharmacists are well placed to deliver this service and support the public with healthcare advice.

“People seeking this support for contraception can be assured that pharmacists are trained to deliver contraceptive services, as seen recently with the move to offer a progestogen-only pill over the counter at pharmacies.

“The public will be able to visit a pharmacy without an appointment and receive support and advice from a trained professional, whilst also reducing pressure on general practice and the NHS.”

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