RPS and BPSA call for clarity on exam date from GPhC

In collaboration with the British Pharmaceutical Students’ Association (BPSA), we have written a joint letter to the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) calling for the regulator to announce the date of the postponed 2020 registration assessment without delay. The letter also asks the GPhC to make sure it regularly updates trainees and ensures that any decision it makes addresses the concerns of trainees on how the delay will affect them.

Sandra Gidley, RPS President, said: “We are aware of the significant impact that the delay has had on trainees. Some have been left unemployed, or on short term contracts and others have visas that will expire before the assessment takes place. It is essential that arrangements are put in place to ensure that no one is left disadvantaged by the delay.  It is also crucial that the GPhC engages with trainees and keeps them informed to help them feel supported during these difficult times.

Regan McCahill, BPSA President, said: ““It is vital that provisionally registered pharmacists, and those who were ineligible for the provisional register, get the answers they need about arrangements for the assessment.  The prolonged uncertainty and the likelihood that the delay will extend into 2021 is deeply troubling. We very much want to see the GPhC address this as a matter of urgency and would also expect them to communicate more regularly and openly with trainees.”

Read our letter to the GPhC.

In a response, Nigel Clarke, Chair of the GPhC, said that whilst it had taken some time to get the assessment process in place, the GPhC are now in the final stages of the procurement exercise and expect to be able to give a further update to all candidates by the end of September.

Paul Bennett, RPS Chief Executive, said: “We appreciate this rapid response from the GPhC and are encouraged that they have taken our concerns onboard.  RPS and BPSA will support the GPhC and its trainees in any way we can.”