RPS backs supply of controlled drugs by pharmacists

Commenting on the proposal from the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs that during the pandemic pharmacists should be able to supply some controlled drugs, without a prescription, to patients already taking those medicines, RPS President Sandra Gidley said:

“Pharmacists have been working very effectively to ensure safe and effective supply of controlled drugs to the public for many years now.

“During these challenging times, individuals may find it more difficult to access their repeat prescriptions from prescribing teams because of staff shortages from illness or self-isolation, so this seems to be a sensible and pragmatic move.

“The proposals that have been put forward are for the supply of controlled drugs in exceptional circumstances. They are likely to be used on occasion to make supplies to patients who have been receiving certain controlled drugs as part of on-going treatment. Pharmacists would use their professional judgement in line with safeguarding rules before making any supply, as well as working with other healthcare professionals involved in the care of the patient.

“We support this move, and will provide guidance to the profession to provide clarity and maintain high standards of supply, once the necessary legislations is passed."

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