RPS calls for free HRT in England

Following news that women may only have to pay one charge for up to a 12-month supply of HRT, the RPS is calling on the Government to scrap prescription charges in England altogether.

This is a welcome step forward, but the Government must go further to tackle the health inequalities experienced by women across Great Britain.

Thorrun Govind, Chair of the English Pharmacy Board, said: “Any moves to support women’s health are to be welcomed. However, today’s news about reducing the cost of prescriptions for HRT for menopausal women does not go far enough.

“The  Government must go further and scrap prescription charges in England altogether, as is already the case in Scotland and Wales. Taxing those that are in vital need of healthcare support is unacceptable.

"Tinkering with a broken system is not the way forward and risks introducing a range of unintended consequences such as shortages of HRT and increased wastage. A proper review of any proposals must take place before they are introduced, and the pharmacy profession must be closely involved.

“We have already called for a reduction in inequalities in women’s health and hope to have a discussion with the DHSC on how we can further address this.”

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