RPS launches manifesto for pharmacy in Wales

An investment in the growth and sustainability of pharmacy is being called for by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society in Wales ahead of the 2021 Welsh election.

A Manifesto for Pharmacy in Wales outlines six calls to action to deliver greater patient benefit from pharmacy in Wales. Furthering the development of pharmacist independent prescribing with pharmacist access to shared patient records are key changes being called for to increase quality of patient care, improve medicines safety and to support future capacity across the NHS system.

RPS also wants to see action taken during the next term of the Welsh Government to ensure patients are able to access new and emerging technologies. Investment in the appropriate training of the pharmacy team will ensure that pharmacists can take a lead on pharmacogenomic therapies to deliver personalised medicines safely and effectively across all sectors.

Supporting and developing the pharmacy workforce is also a high priority for the RPS in Wales in the next election. The next Welsh Government is being called on to establish protected learning and teaching time for pharmacists in line with other health professions. An investment in the health and wellbeing of pharmacists is also being called for with access to NHS funded wellbeing support being made available to all pharmacists, regardless of which sector they work in.

Commenting on the launch of the manifesto, Elen Jones, Director for RPS in Wales said:

“This is an important time for pharmacy in Wales. While pharmacy has benefited from the policies of the current Welsh Government, we must continue to outline a clear course of action to the future Welsh administration so that citizens are able to increasingly benefit from the skills and knowledge of the pharmacy team

"I feel proud of the way the profession has responded and risen to the challenge of meeting the demands on the NHS in recent years. There are many challenges ahead, not only in delivering patient care, but in supporting the pharmacy profession to be the best it can be. I am therefore pleased to commend A Manifesto for Pharmacy in Wales to our members, Assembly Members and the Welsh political parties. This is a manifesto for change. It is a manifesto for growth and sustainability and a call to action to support the very health and wellbeing of the pharmacists that dedicate their time and experience to patient care”.

Further information about the manifesto and how RPS Members can get involved in the election campaign can be found at the Welsh election webpage.