RPS reiterates role of pharmacy

Pharmacists have key role in nation's health

In a letter written to The Times, Ravi Sharma, Director for England, and Claire Anderson, Chair of the English Pharmacy Board, reiterated the key expert role pharmacists have in improving the health of the nation and ensuring patient safety.

The letter reads:


Pharmacists are experts in medicines and as one of the fastest-growing areas of healthcare play a key role in improving the health of the nation and ensuring patient safety. They are experts in medicines and their use. They have a unique set of skills and knowledge, they train as scientists and clinicians. They use this scientific knowledge to advise patients how to take their medicines and can help the public on how to best treat symptoms of a wide range of conditions.

Attending a local pharmacy can offer a fast and convenient clinical service for many minor health concerns and if symptoms suggest it’s something more serious, pharmacists have the right training ensuring people get the correct help needed immediately. Pharmacists can refer to a GP or Emergency Department if necessary.

The NHS aims to make better use of the clinical skills of pharmacists on the frontline and both the RPS and the NPA have both welcomed its publication. This will have a positive impact in reducing pressure on the already overwhelming workloads GPs’ are currently placed under and will ensure pharmacists will be making the best use of their clinical skills and give them a core clinical role at the heart of primary care. 


Ravi Sharma, Director for England, Royal Pharmaceutical Society

Claire Anderson, Chair of Royal Pharmaceutical Society in England


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