RPS responds to GPhC delays of pre-registration assessments

We are disappointed that despite a lengthy procurement process, the GPhC has been unable to secure venues for the registration assessment to take place in June and September 2021.

However we do welcome the introduction of a provisional register for the current pre-registration pharmacist cohort and its extension until January 2022. This will help bridge the period between the end of pre-reg training employment contracts, exam results and registration.

This announcement will cause further anxiety to provisional registrants who have deferred the March sitting. We are mindful of the challenges that this particular group of trainees has faced and we will continue to provide advice and work with partners to provide wellbeing support to them.

The GPhC must revisit their plans for the registration assessment from 2022 onwards in light of the challenges that have been faced during this pandemic and given the opportunities that have been created with the new initial education and training standards

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