RPS shows support for long COVID sufferers

Pharmacy teams in all settings can play an important role in the support of long COVID patients.

RPS has set out key principles and recommendations for pharmaceutical care in the management of the illness to ensure that people get the greatest benefit from pharmacy teams.

Key principles in the document include:

  • Outlining that provision and access of pharmaceutical care should be embedded across the care pathway for patients with long COVID
  • Utilising pharmacist knowledge, data and research capability when researching pathophysiology and pharmacological treatments for long COVID
  • Working towards an infrastructure that enables recognised referral pathways, access to records and shared decision making

RPS President Claire Anderson said: “We strongly believe that access to a pharmacist must always be considered when new services are planned and delivered to support people with long COVID.

“To ensure that people with long COVID see the right professional at the right time recognised pathways must be established - ranging from self-care to specialist interventions.

“To help those suffering it’s essential that pharmacy teams themselves are supported. RPS continues to work at all levels to represent pharmacists who have experienced the impact of long COVID.”

RPS will use the recommendations in conversations with governments and the NHS across Great Britain to ensure patients with long COVID get access to the care they need.

The next RPS Workforce Wellbeing Action Group will have a focus on your experiences of long COVID and how we can support you and your teams. Please join us on the on September 14.

Read the full document.

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