RPS welcomes UK Life Sciences Vision

RPS has welcomed the new Government UK Life Sciences Vision, which outlines seven critical healthcare missions – from cancer treatment, to tackling dementia.

The Government, industry, the NHS, academia and medical research charities will work together implementing these seven missions, which includes accelerating studies into dementia treatment, increasing the understanding of mental health conditions, and addressing the underlying biology of ageing.

Sunayana Shah, Chair of the Industrial Pharmacy Advisory Group, said: “We are entering an exciting phase in innovation.

“In collaboration with industry, other key stakeholders, pharmacists and their teams, and pharmaceutical scientists, stand ready to play their part in delivering the bold new life sciences vision through early diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease.

“This will continue to change patients' lives for the better.”

Professor Gino Martini, Chief Scientist for the RPS, added: “These seven missions will focus on preventing, diagnosing, monitoring, treating disease early, and accelerating the development and adoption of new drugs, diagnostics, medical technology and digital tools.”

The 7 Critical Healthcare Missions are as follows:

• Accelerating the pace of studies into novel dementia treatment

• Enabling early diagnosis and treatments, including immune therapies such as cancer vaccines

• Sustaining the UK’s position in vaccine discovery, development and manufacturing

• Treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases and its major risk factors, including obesity

• Reducing mortality and morbidity from respiratory disease in the UK and globally

• Addressing the underlying biology of ageing

• Increasing the understanding of mental health conditions, including work to redefine diseases and develop tools to address them

Read the full policy paper here.