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Self-isolate during the COVID-19 pandemic when instructed to by NHS Test and Trace or NHS Test and Protect

The RPS reminds all pharmacists on the  importance of self-isolating for 14 days  and not going to work as advised by NHS Testing services, when you have been in recent close contact with someone who has had a positive test result for COVID-19 or receive a positive test result yourself.

Going to the workplace and wearing PPE is not an alternative to self-isolating.

In June, Duncan Rudkin (Chief Executive at GPhC) stated in a news story “All members of the pharmacy team have a professional responsibility to self-isolate if asked to do so by the contact tracing team, so they can protect themselves, their colleagues and patients and the public.”

Please note: if the close contact occurred when you were wearing PPE in accordance with current guidance there is no need to self- isolate.

However, if you were wearing PPE and you have received a positive result for Covid-19 you must self -isolate. 

Please see  ‘Risk assessment for staff exposures in the workplace’ for further information.

Detailed information to support you with protecting yourself and your team during the Covid-19 pandemic can be found on our website.

Additional information can be found in the PSNC NHS Test and Trace FAQs which also covers close contact with patients or the pharmacy team and mitigations that may help avoid the need for the entire pharmacy team to self-isolate or for pharmacies to close, if a patient or team member tests positive.