Share your views on women’s health with us

RPS Scotland is currently developing a position statement on pharmacy’s role in supporting and improving women’s health. This will include both the roles that pharmacy teams should play, and what is needed to deliver these roles.

The reason for developing this statement is that women’s health has been identified as one of the priorities for the new Scottish Government in its first 100 days in office. Therefore, it is important for RPS to be able to explain pharmacy’s role to MSPs.

RPS Scotland will be holding a focus group to identify and discuss the themes to include in this position statement. Any pharmacist in Scotland with an interest in women’s health is invited to take part.

On: Date Tuesday 29 June 3.30-5pm

By Teams: please contact [email protected] to receive a link

For anyone who is not able to attend the meeting, your views are welcome by email: please send to [email protected]