Sign our Inclusion and Wellbeing Pledge

Everyone in pharmacy should be able to work in a culture that has fairness at its core. A place where diversity is respected and wellbeing prioritised. Without exception.

We've created the RPS Inclusion and Wellbeing Pledge to help make this happen.

It’s a commitment to be inclusive, celebrate diversity, create a culture of belonging and support pharmacy teams’ health and wellbeing. It can be signed by individuals, teams and organisations and will help create a safe and supportive working culture that helps people feel less isolated at work.

The RPS Inclusion and Wellbeing Pledge has been shaped through your views and experiences, along with those of employers, unions, the NHS, regulators, pharmacy schools and students.

The pledge is a part of our Inclusion and Diversity Strategy and is informed by the results of our annual Workforce Wellbeing Survey which provides firm evidence of the mental health and wellbeing challenges you’re facing in the workplace.

RPS President Sandra Gidley said: “We want to create a positive culture in pharmacy that is actively inclusive and protects wellbeing. This will require concerted and collective action from across the profession.

“Signing the RPS Inclusion and Wellbeing Pledge is an important step on the journey towards creating a work culture that values inclusivity and wellbeing. The pledge is a commitment to reflect on personal behaviours, or organisational practices and policies, that will improve the workplace environment.

“Together we can create the change we want to see. You can make a difference by talking to your teams and managers and signing the pledge. I’m convinced that we can create a movement across pharmacy to increase a sense of belonging at work and ensure that everyone's wellbeing is supported. I urge you to sign up today to make your workplace a better place for all.”

Let's make change happen! Sign the RPS Inclusion and Wellbeing Pledge

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