Support trainee pharmacists for upcoming registration assessment

COVID-19 is having a significant impact on our profession, with pharmacists working hard in the fight against virus.

One group – pre-registration pharmacists who started their training in 2019 – have been particularly affected, through no fault of their own.

We recognise the incredible work and dedication of trainees, some of whom have registered provisionally, and the contribution they have made to patient care.

For employers already supporting exam preparation for their trainees – a big thank you from us.

We would encourage all pharmacy employers to support their trainee pharmacists ahead of the exam to give them the best possible chance of qualifying as fully registered pharmacists.

This includes giving trainees extra time to prepare and revise for the exam, as well as supporting them with the challenges of balancing their studies with their work.

We’ve been working to ensure that these trainees are well prepared for their exam, through additional mock exam and feedback sessions as well as our one-to-one support and online communities. In December, we wrote to employers in an open letter to highlight the impact and challenges that the pandemic has had on training.

Gail Fleming, Director for Education and Professional Development, said:

“Employers have gone the extra mile to support provisional registrants and those retaking the registration assessment during a very difficult period. As these trainees now prepare for the GPhC exam, we are calling for their employers to continue to help them by giving them access to revision days and extra support for study time.

“We must work to protect these pharmacists of the future as much as possible by supporting them during these times.

“We’d like to thank all those provisionally registered pharmacists’ for their hard work and dedication during the pandemic and the enormous contributions that they have made to patient care.”