Supporting unpaid carers in England

RPS England has joined with Carers Trust and the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee to help unpaid carers and pharmacy teams work together to support access to essential medicines during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In recent weeks, unpaid carers have described a growing range of pressures including struggling to arrange medicine delivery slots and coping with queues resulting from necessary social distancing measures.

This new guide sets out hints and tips to help unpaid carers make the most out of their pharmacy team.

Pharmacies can also take steps to support unpaid carers, including:

- Allowing two people into the pharmacy when the carer has no choice but to take the person being cared for with them.

- Considering prioritising un-paid carers of vulnerable/shielding people for medicine delivery slots.

- Recognising that, for some families, young carers are the only people able to collect medicines in the household.

Chair of the RPS in England, Prof Claire Anderson, said:

“We’re pleased to back this campaign with the Carers Trust so that carers and pharmacy teams can work even more closely to support vulnerable people.

“Carers make an enormous contribution and the past few months have shown just how much we depend on them.

“Vulnerable people will need ongoing support to cope with COVID-19 for the longer-term. Pharmacies, in the heart of their communities, will continue to help, providing expert health advice and access to the medicines carers and their families need.”

Read more about Carers Trust.


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