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Understanding the impact of Gender Microaggressions

We’ve created a guide to gender microaggressions with volunteers from our Action in Belonging Culture and Diversity (ABCD) group, as part of our work on inclusion and diversity.

Gender related microaggressions are a form of discrimination and sexism.

Some microaggressions result in silencing individuals, making them question their abilities, themselves and their own self-worth. All of which can add up to impact negatively on their mental health.

Our guide and downloadable poster for your workplace aim to raise awareness about gender based microaggressions in the pharmacy profession, and the impact they can have. It includes examples of verbal microaggressions and behaviours to look out for and to avoid, as well as how to create a more positive culture with microaffirmations.

ABCD group members who have helped develop the reference include Charlotte Bell, Alison Astles, Farzana Mohammed, Jacinta Nakato, Jayne Lawrence, Soh Xi Ken, Raliat Onatade, Minna Eii, Pam Bahia,  Kendra Moffat, Clare Howard, Ojali Yusuff, Thorrun Govind, Kulpna Daya, Janice Perkins and Nisa Khan

Charlotte Bell said: ‘’This document is important to me because sexism is so harmful to women and men. We need to challenge sexism in all areas of life to create a better world for the next generation of pharmacy colleagues”.

Alison Astles said: ‘’Since the boys did science and the girls did sewing in my 1970s primary school, I've been aware of barriers to being female in a science profession. Those barriers have not shifted as much as they should have. Fundamental change requires a cultural shift, and the first step is awareness. Microaagressions must be called out by everyone, for the benefit of everyone.’’

Farzana Mohammed added: ‘’It’s important to acknowledge the barriers women face may look quite different depending on their intersecting identities such as race, class, religion, disability and so on. Achieving Gender equality will fuel our ability to grow and thrive as a profession.”

See our gender related microaggressions content and read the reference.

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